DeepGraph.append_cp(directed=False, connection='weak', col_name='cp', label_by_size=True, consolidate_singles=False)

Append a component membership column to v.

Append a column to v indicating the component membership of each node. Requires scipy.

  • directed (bool, optional (default=False)) – If True , then operate on a directed graph: only move from point i to point j along paths csgraph[i, j]. If False, then find the shortest path on an undirected graph: the algorithm can progress from point i to j along csgraph[i, j] or csgraph[j, i].
  • connection (str, optional (default='weak')) – One of {‘weak’,’strong’}. For directed graphs, the type of connection to use. Nodes i and j are strongly connected if a path exists both from i to j and from j to i. Nodes i and j are weakly connected if only one of these paths exists. Only has an effect if directed is True
  • col_name (str, optional (default='cp')) – The name of the appended column of component labels.
  • label_by_size (bool, optional (default=True)) – Whether to rename component membership labels to reflect component sizes. If True, the smallest component corresponds to the largest label, and the largest component corresponds to the label 0 (or 1 if consolidate_singles is True). If False, pass on labels given by scipy’s connected_components method directly (faster and uses less memory).
  • consolidate_singles (bool, optional (default=False)) – If True, all singular components (components comprised of one node only) are consolidated under the label 0. Also, all other labels are renamed to reflect component sizes, see label_by_size.

v – appends an extra column to v indicating component membership.

Return type: